The Protectorate of Pelor

Capital City: Imer
Languages: Sulese (Antiquated Variant of Common Dialect)
Demonym: Protectorate (human), and very few other races
Government: Authoritarian Theocracy
Hierarchy: Grand Scrutator Severi
Formation: Protectorate of Pelor 484 AR
Population: 1,064,500
Currency: Mark, Stave, Decastave (copper, silver, gold)

The Protectorate of Pelor, usually refered too simply as the Protectorate, is a fundamentalist theocracy and the youngest of the Kingdoms. It was founded in 484 AR, following the Pelite uprising during the Morradin Civil War; where in worshippers of the ancient god Pelor began to contest the state religion, the Church of Morrow.

When the war ended Pelor’s followers were in control of a fragment of the eastern region of Morradin. After weeks of negotiations it was decided that Morradin would officially retain control of the eastern territory, but that the state religion would be different there, continuing to follow Moradin. The arrangement persists on paper to this day, but in practice the Protectorate of Pelor is a separate kingdom. In 605 AR, on the 6th of Octesh, the Protectorate brought the giant siege engine Lawbringer against the walls of Caspia and attempted to breach them, starting the long-anticipated war with Morradin.

Due to the then-Queen Ayn Vanar imposing a blockade of essential war materials to the Protectorate, the Protectorate have gradually drifted into open war with Khalor, culminating in then-Grand Scrutator Severius’ seizure of Leryn alongside the Llaelese. The Protectorate has also been affected by Cyrixian coastal raids and are currently (608 AR) evacuating the Pelorian population from rural Llael, which is suffering under Cyrixian infestation.
Being so close to the Bloodstone Marches and the eastern desert, the Protectorate has a very warm climate. There are very few areas were crops can be grown. Pelor is a strong user of magic and belives that better harnessing the powers of magic will allow them to destroy their enemies and unite all nations under Pelor.

The Protectorate of Pelor

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